About Us

Sup, I'm Rita, Artist, Designer, Maker, and all around fun person. Strongly drawn to all things ridiculous, a big ol' nerd for history, and addicted to chocolate covered coffee beans.  My goal is to make artwork that will empower people... or at least make them laugh.  I am very much a self-taught artist, occasionally using unconventional tools or methods to produce the end result that I desire; however, after 20+ years of "artsing" I have developed a few useful skills. Each piece is transferred, by hand, from a block that I have designed and carved myself.  All bags and pouches are also hand-sewn from original patterns.
Lazy Mondays was born out of my desire to help people own their silliness. Comic relief is, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts to ever be born out of language, and is especially useful when dealing with very big, very important, and very stressful situations or causes. So, soak it up; let's get ridiculous.