Beer Me Bag

A gift bag for a bottle of wine, 22oz. beer, or hard liquor if that's what you're in to... no judgement here.  The Booze Bag, paired with booze of course, makes a perfect host/hostess gift or housewarming present. But it's also great for carrying your very own booze around, say, to a picnic, or a bonfire on the beach.  Or maybe you just want to feel a little more high class leaving the liquor store with your booze in a booze bag instead of a paper bag.  

The Booze Bag has an inside circumference of approximately 11" and is 8" tall; just the right size for a standard bottle of wine or 22oz beer.  I usually go for bourbon barrel aged stout because, honestly, who doesn't want to drink that? 

All Lazy Mondays products are made in my smoke-free studio in Boise, ID

Since these are printed by hand in small batches, no two will be exactly alike, 

Image placement and color may vary slightly from bag to bag.X